How Much Money Does a Math Teacher Make?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for a high school teacher in 2012 was $55,050. High school math teachers are included in this data.

Earnings for a math teacher may vary according to numerous details, including specific school districts in which they are employed, years of experience and longevity with a district. Many school systems provide salary increases based on years of service, meaning that an individual entering the math education profession has the opportunity to attain a higher wage by continuing in the particular district. A bachelor's degree with specialization in mathematics is generally required for employment as a math teacher.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that math teachers are among the highest in demand among educators, and the field offers some of the best job prospects. Although salaries among public school teachers vary greatly by state and district, they are typically higher than the salaries at private schools. As of 2013, some of the highest paying states for math teachers include New York (around $74,000 per year), Rhode Island ($69,000 per year), New Jersey ($69,000 per year) and California ($69,000 per year).