How Much Money Does an Entrepreneur Make in a Year?

As of 2013, the average money an entrepreneur make in a year is $68,000, as stated by Fox Business. Typically, the amount will vary from one person to another due to the different types of businesses that people start. Some people keep their prior employment while running person businesses in order to secure enough funds.

The amount that entrepreneurs make in a year is dependent on many factors. These include the type of business and the type of services or products the business offers. A person needs to invest time, resources and efforts to ensure that he or she achieves their desired goals. Many entrepreneurs tend to focus on ensuring the growth of their business rather than using the "wait and see" approach.

Starting a small business is a good venture, but it comes with many responsibilities. Attracting potential customers and keeping the current customers are a couple of the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs face. Many have opted to use social media and analytics to improve their business. Entrepreneurs use social media to improve their sales, attract new customers or as part of their marketing strategy. These techniques helps to grow the business and boost their revenues.