How Much Money Does a Car Wash Make?

The average car wash revenue in 2014 for a convenient store location car wash is $4,150 per month, according to the National Association of Convenience Stores. Income generated by a car wash varies and depends on several factors including the location and overhead costs such as services offered, hours of operation and amount of employees.

In order to increase the cash flow of a business, Entrepreneur Magazine suggests the following tips:

Know the cost of providing the service to a customer and the ideal charge to the customer. Establishing ideal profit goals provides good cash flow and is the bottom line consideration when offering coupons or discounts. Knowing the cost is essential to establishing a profit margin rather than a loss. Bundling services can provide a tangible and a perceived benefit to the customer while finding ways to create higher priced back-end profits can extend a discounted service with a higher add-on service.

Encouraging repeat business and obtaining loyal customers who repeatedly return are invaluable to the business's profits and success. Offering customer loyalty plans or discounts after so many return visits encourages customers to come back. Selling a year's worth of car washes at a set price promotes return visits and provides profitable returns.