How Much Money Do Bull Riders Make?

much-money-bull-riders-make Credit: Hans Watson/CC-BY-2.0

While major cowboy stars in the bull-riding circuit can make as much as $4 million per year, rookies in the sport, according to, make $30,000 per year on average.

All-time money earners in professional bull riding as of 2014 include Justin McBride, who collected more than $5 million before retiring, J.B. Mauney with almost $5 million, and Guilherme March, who has made about as much as Mauney. Other high earners include Chris Shivers and Mike Lee, each of whom has earned well over $3 million.

According to Forbes Magazine, professional bull riding is a lucrative sport for both the owner and the rider. For example, the magazine cites that the cowboys who originally invested $1,000 to fund the Professional Bull Riding circuit are now worth over $4 million.