How Much Money Does a Biomedical Engineer Make?


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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, biomedical engineers made a mean salary of $93,960 per year as of May 2013. This breaks down to a mean hourly wage of $45.18 per hour.

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As of May 2013, the highest-paying industries for biomedical engineers were specialized design services with a $115,300 annual mean wage, physician’s offices at $103,890, scientific research and development services at $102,000, computer systems design and related services at $101,220, and professional and commercial equipment and supplies merchant wholesalers with a mean salary of $99,740.

As of May 2013, the top paying states for biomedical engineering jobs were Minnesota with an annual mean salary of $107,450, California at $106,390, New Jersey at $105,570, Texas at $103,900 and New Mexico at $102,210.

Biomedical engineers solve problems in biology and medicine by designing, developing and evaluating products and systems, such as medical instrumentation, medical information systems, prostheses and artificial organs. Biomedical engineers typically are employed in hospitals, universities, manufacturing, research facilities and government regulatory agencies.

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