How Much Money Do Auto Delivery Drivers Make?


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Based on data from nearly 800 reports on PayScale.com, auto delivery drivers in the United States earn between $8 and $20 per hour, as of 2015. A driver's yearly salary, which includes money earned from overtime work, tips, bonuses and commissions, ranges from $18,813 and $51,574, depending on the type of delivery work, driver experience, and the driver's geographical location. These values do not include retirement benefits or other compensation.

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On a yearly basis, delivery drivers can earn up $1,838 in bonuses, while overtime pay can jump to nearly $34 per hour. In relation to the national average of $30,000, delivery drivers with less than 5 years of experience earn up to 11 percent less, while those with more than 20 years of experience earn up to 37 percent more. The data on PayScale.com indicates that males dominate the gender distribution with 91 percent, while nearly 50 percent of delivery drivers have less than 5 years of experience. Based on more than 700 votes from delivery drivers, the job satisfaction rating is at 80 percent.

Delivery drivers in Los Angeles and Charlotte earn 6 and 13 percent less relative to the national average, respectively, while cities such as Atlanta, San Antonio and Seattle provide salaries that are up to 21 percent higher. Cities such as Tampa, Dallas and San Diego are closest to the national average.

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