How Much Money Do Animators Make?


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The salary of an animator varies widely: according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, animators earn average salaries between $35,000 and $118,890. Like other professionals, the income of animators varies considerably, depending on skill and experience level, place of employment and even geographical location. Animators work in many industries, including video systems, computer systems, software publishing, advertising and specialized designs.

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Animators work with several mediums, including prints and digital formats. They help bring scenes and stories to life on screen, combining sounds, special effects and graphics with two-dimensional objects. Animators sketch or draw characters, scenes and images on paper. They add color and movement, ultimately preparing characters for films, software, video games and other digital mediums.

Animators find employment across the United States, although the majority of jobs base out of the major coastal states, including California, Washington and New York. California employs the largest number of animators, providing jobs for more than 10,000 workers. California animators earn an average annual wage of slightly more than $88,000, which surpasses the average national average earning mark of $64,470. Animators find work with small companies and larger firms. They often work in collaboration with other specialists, such as copywriters, graphic designers, photographers and designers.

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