How Much Do Mechanics Charge for Labor?

As of 2013, mechanics usually charge an average of $80 to $100 per hour, as stated by WCIT12. Typically, the cost will differ depending on several factors, including the specific problem of the car, the repair service a person uses, current labor rates in a particular area, parts required for repair, the make and model of car and the amount a person is ready to pay for repairs. The labor may include replacing a part and conducting other tests.

Car owners should understand that the longer it takes for a service to repair a car, the more they will need to pay. Some parts can be difficult to get in particular areas, especially for older models and makes. Generally, the hourly charge for auto repair is costly because of the extensive and dirty work. It also requires skills and knowledge for a mechanic to repair a car correctly.

Many auto repair shops categorize repair jobs by make, year and model of car. Special tools may also be required to complete some procedures, which may need a car owner to dig deeper in the pockets. The specific auto repair shop chosen for repairs also determines the overall repair cost. Independent repair services tend to be more cost-friendly than new car dealers.