How Much Do Landscapers Make on Average?


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In 2014, the average hourly wage of a landscaper in the United States was $9.92, according to PayScale, a company that collects and publishes wage data. From the 1,164 people reporting their wages, the company found that the average pay range was between $8.63 and $15.29 per hour. Overtime increased these wages to a pay range between $12.35 and $20.45 per hour.

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On an annual basis, these landscaping specialists had a median salary of $34,808, in 2014. A median wage is defined as a wage that falls in the middle; half the workers earned below this figure, and half the workers earned above this figure. The average yearly salary was about $22,000. The average yearly salary range was between $17,867 and $102,699. Workers in Jacksonville, Fla.; Nashville, Tenn.; and Austin, Texas, earned below the national average. This yearly national salary data was based on 152 people reporting to PayScale.

In 2013, landscaping and groundskeeping workers had a median hourly wage of $11.51, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. These workers had an annual median wage of $23,940. The government's statistics show that the lowest earners made approximately $17,550 per year, while the highest earners made approximately $38,200 per year.

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