How Much Do High School Teachers Make?


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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2012 the average salary of a high school teacher was $55,050 per year. The highest-paid teachers that same year made approximately $85,690 per year, while the lowest-paid high school teachers made approximately $36,930 per year.

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According to US News and Money, the average salary of a high school teacher is usually based on the amount of experience a teacher has and the type of benefit package that is offered at different school districts. Typically a high school teacher must have a bachelor’s degree in education, complete an internship at an approved school and pass a certification test.

High school teachers can work for either a public or a private school system. Salaries may be slightly higher in a private school system than in a public one, and the highest-paid teachers reportedly work in the metro areas of Nassau, New York, New York City and in Santa Ana, California.

When comparing salaries of teachers in other grades, high school teachers make approximately the same salary as those who teach elementary school or middle school. They do, however, tend to make more money per year than other professionals within the school. According to U.S. News and Money, a school social worker makes approximately $45,000 per year and a sports coach makes about $36,680 per year.

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