How Much Does the Guardian Dental Plan Cost?

A Guardian dental plan price quote is available at This website offers instant quotes for each Guardian dental plan. Site visitors enter an email address, ZIP code, age, and whether the plan is for an individual or family.

Visitors are linked to the cost of a specific procedure, both with and without coverage. For example, an individual who is 21 years or older and lives in the 10583 area code, is linked to a Guardian dental plan that costs about $15 a month. The typical dental fee for a filling is $196. With the Guardian plan, the fee is $28, a savings of $168. The site hosts costs for cleanings, crowns, dentures and root canals along with plan coverage savings.

Procedures that are not covered by Guardian are also listed. For example, if a person uses a dentist that is out of network, the standard orthodontic procedures are not covered. If a dentist is used that who is in network, standard coverage is around $2,500.