How Much Does a GS 12 Make?

As of 2014, federal employees at the GS-12 pay grade of the General Schedule earn between $60,877 and $79,138 per year, states the Office of Personnel Management. The hourly rate at this pay grade ranges from $29.17 to $37.92.

According to the Office of Personnel Management, each pay grade on the federal government's General Schedule pay chart has 10 steps based on time served. Employees start at step 1 of the GS-12 pay grade earning $60,877 per year. After completing 52 weeks of service, they advance to step 2 and earn $62,906 per year, as of 2014. An employee at step 9 of the GS-12 pay grade earns $77,109 per year. After completing 156 weeks of service at step 9, the employee advances to step 10 and earns an annual salary of $79,138, as of 2014.