How Much Does a General Contractor Make a Year?

The average salary for general contractors is around $94,000, depending on the location of a project and the type of construction work being done, as recorded by Working as a general contractor in amusement parks increases the average to $126,000 and residential work reduces the mean salary to around $90,000.

General contractors perform a wide array of duties supervising the multifaceted activities of construction projects. The job is sometimes called a construction manager, owing to the fact that they collaborate with the assorted tradesmen who are needed on a job. Painters, electricians, plumbers, carpenters and architects are scheduled and organized by a general contractor. At the same time the role is part administrator. Timetables, budgets and cost tracking reports are the responsibility of the lead contractor. Lastly, the contractor also needs to be familiar with safety and building codes.

In the past a general contractor could find work with relevant construction and management experience. Presently, a bachelor's degree in construction science, management, architecture or engineering is required to fill the position, as declared by Truity.

In order to practice as a general contractor, individuals must pass a state exam for certification. The exam covers the different aspects of the job ranging from the different building regulations and codes to knowledge of building techniques. Depending on the state, proof of liability insurance, a federal tax identification number and proof of a business address are required to obtain certification.