How Much Do Flight Attendants Get Paid?


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Several factors cause variance in flight attendant pay, but according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for attendants was $43,860 as of May 2013. The median salary was $40,520, with 25 percent making at or below $34,000 per year and 25 percent making at or above $51,630 annually.

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At the low end of the pay scale, 10 percent of attendants earned salaries at or below $28,910 per year as of May 2013. At the top end, 10 percent made at or above $67,290 per year.

The vast majority of flight attendants worked for major airlines on scheduled flights. The average for this employment sector was near the overall average at $43,780 per year. Though employment was too scarce for the BLS to even estimate, the top-paying sector was "Management of Companies and Enterprises," at $69,430 per year.

Geography also plays a role in income, as Florida was the top-paying state for flight attendants as of May 2013 at $51,590 per year. Georgia had the second-highest average pay at $50,760 per year. The third-highest paying state was Texas, with an average of $48,050 annually. Indiana was fourth at $45,790 per year, and Hawaii rounded out the top five at $44,850 annually.

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