How Much Does an Electrician's Apprentice Earn?


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An apprentice electrician can make anywhere from $14,475 to $24,175, according to the Houston Chronicle. An apprentice generally makes 30 to 50 percent less than an electrician. Pay for an apprentice increases with experience and a proven track record of success. Overtime pay is also given to apprentices because they work under the guidance of experienced technicians.

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The Houston Chronicle also notes that pay can be higher in certain regions. For instance, first-year apprentices in the Tennessee Valley Authority's Lineman Apprentice Program can earn anywhere from $36,450 to $38,370 per year. Apprentices who work in the Northwest Line's Outside Electrical Lineman Apprenticeship can earn a certain percentage of a journeyman's wages, which is $44.73 per hour, as of February 2012. According to Reference.com, a journeyman is someone who completed an apprenticeship program and works for an employer. In the first year, electrician apprentices can make 60 to 63 percent of a journeyman's salary.

The Houston Chronicle goes on to say that the average yearly salary of a certified electrician is $48,250. An apprentice has to become licensed before gaining pay. A person in the apprentice category needs to complete 144 hours of technical training and 2,000 hours of paid training each year. Apprentices receive a pension plan, usually funded by employers, unions or the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Medical benefits are also afforded to apprentice workers. Apprenticeships normally take four years to complete.

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