How Much Education Does a Fashion Designer Need?


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Fashion designers normally have a bachelor's degree in fashion design or marketing and gain initial experience in the industry through internships or working as an assistant designer. During this time, an aspiring designer creates a portfolio, which is used by a fashion company to gauge the creativity and talent of an individual before employing him, according to Truity.

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Employers look for people who have knowledge of textiles, are proficient with computer design software, are in touch with the latest fashion trends and have above average sewing and pattern making skills.

There are 300 art and design schools that run courses in fashion design. These institutions focus on clothing design, the history of fashion design and clothing, marketing, illustration for fashion, the principles of tailoring, fashion trends, CAD and woven materials and kitting.

Once hired, designers typically focus on one area of fashion: clothing, footwear or accessories, explains Learn.org. When working, designers are responsible for everything from the initial idea for a design to its production and marketing. The workplace is highly charged, and those new to the business must learn to work under pressure, respond to client requests quickly and meet tight deadlines. The job also requires that an individual has a level of artistic ability that can be translated into fresh designs that match a specific vision of the company that employs him.

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