How Much Is Disney World Worth?


The Orange County Property Appraiser's office for Orange County, Fla., assessed the value of Walt Disney World at just over $1.3 billion in 2011. This figure includes the land, buildings and other physical improvements located in Disney World's six theme parks, but the figure does not include the value of the venue's personal property or intangible assets. Walt Disney World is the most valuable property in the state of Florida.

The Orange County Property Appraiser's office is the government entity responsible for identifying, locating and valuing all property in Orange County, Fla., for the purposes of taxation. The market value of a property determined by the OCPA is meant to reflect the price most people would be willing to pay for the property in its current condition on the date of appraisal. Florida law requires that a property be reappraised at least once every five years, though a reassessment may occur each year if market conditions warrant it. The assessment history for Walt Disney World indicates that the value of the buildings and improvements tends to fluctuate each year due to the opening and closing of rides and attractions. The land value typically remains more stable, often remaining constant for several years.