How Much Coverage Do You Receive With Medicare Part A?


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Medicare Part A hospital coverage covers hospital inpatient stays, mental health inpatient stays, skilled nursing facility stays, home hospice care and other home health services. Some Medicare Part A services are entirely covered, while others require patients to pay deductibles, copayments and percentages.

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Inpatient hospital care covered by Medicare Part A includes a semi-private room, meals, drugs, general services and necessary supplies. Coverage at a skilled nursing facility also includes skilled nursing care, speech-language therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy and dietary counseling. Home hospice care includes a medical team of health professionals, drugs for pain relief or symptom control, equipment such as walkers or wheelchairs, supplies such as catheters and bandages, and grief counseling. Home health services include a reasonable amount of intermittent skilled nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language therapy and durable medical equipment.

Medicare Part A costs that are charged to patients depend on the service or equipment provided. For instance, for inpatient hospital stays after an initial $1,260 deductible per benefit period, the patient pays nothing for the first 60 days. For the next 30 days, the patient pays a $315 copayment per day, and after 90 days, the patient pays a $630 copayment per day, as of 2015. For home health services, the patient pays nothing for services but pays 20 percent of the cost of durable medical equipment.

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