How Much Does It Cost to Get Property Surveyed?


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The total cost for having a property surveyed can range anywhere from $200 to over $800. The average cost in the United States is around $500 as of 2015, but the costs can vary greatly from property to property due to a number of different factors.

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The actual cost is determined by the type of survey and the complexity of the work. In most cases, surveyors are not even able to provide a reasonable estimate until they have thoroughly researched the property, looking into the title and any historical events concerning the property.

The complexity of the survey work depends on several physical factors, including the topography of the property and any new structures, such as buildings, fences and roads, that have been built since the property was previously surveyed. The time of the year can also influence the cost and complexity of the survey.

The surveyor must find the original monuments that were used to lay out the boundary lines of the original property, and the age, condition and location of these monuments also helps determine the complexity of the job. In some cases, the previous survey may have used trees or rocks that have since shifted or been removed, which may require the surveyor to establish the boundary lines again.

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