How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Star?

much-cost-buy-star Credit: Comstock/Stockbyte/Getty Images

The cost to buy a star ranges from $19.95 to $50 and higher, depending on the specific package chosen. Certain star packages include medallions while others include a commemorative plaque. It is also possible to name the star specifically for a particular person.

People purchase and name stars for a variety of reasons. Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and milestones in life are perfect occasions to purchase and name a star for a friend or loved one. Naming a star after someone who has passed on is quite popular as well as it is a wonderful way to honor the individual. Stars are chosen based on their specific proximity to the Earth as this allows for easier viewing through a telescope.

Choosing a specific star is typically not an option with star-naming services but purchasers are allowed to choose the specific constellation in which the star resides. Space Dreams Incorporated offers a basic star package that includes a name, a star certificate, a map of the constellations, a map with a mythological explanation of the chosen star, term and fact sheets, and a star-viewing guide. Name a Star offers a basic star package that includes a printable certificate and a wishing star necklace.