How Much Do Consultants Make a Year?


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On average, business consultants make between $65,000 and $80,000 a year, as noted by Study.com. A consultant works with a company when it is starting up to troubleshoot its accounting, marketing, human resources, information technology and operations departments in order to make them more efficient and in line with the company's goals.

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Consultants normally work in one of two roles: as a specialist focusing on one department within a company or as a general adviser, examining all of the departments. The job includes examining the policies and procedures of a company, understanding the needs of its clients, developing relationships with vendors, developing key strategies for reaching long-term goals and conducting reviews of practices that are in place.

Consultants who earn higher salaries generally hold a Master's of Business Administration degree and are certified through the Institute for Management consultants, notes Study.com. The organization offers credentials for 3 years after an individual passes a series of oral and written tests.

For a consultant with a specialty and an advanced degree, such as in business processes, the average salary rises to around $99,000 a year. A process consultant examines and analyzes the complex systems and issues surrounding a company and makes expert recommendations to improve performance while finding ways to save the business money.

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