How Much Do Companies Spend on Advertising a Year?


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Global ad spending reached $557 billion in 2012, including advertising for television, radio, magazines, newspapers, outdoor, cinema and Internet. Nielsen reports the growth rate from the year before was 3.2 percent. Ad spending in North America rose 4.6 percent, whereas Europe was the only region with a decline in advertising spending, showing a downward rate of 4.2 percent.

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Individual companies in the United States spent hundreds of millions of dollars on advertising in 2013. AT&T spent $1.59 billion in 2013, the same year it announced to customers the company would sell anonymous data to marketers. Rival wireless carrier Verizon used $1.43 billion to win customers, including an advertising blitz with superstar Jay-Z. Chevrolet was the third-largest spender on advertising in 2013 with $928 million.

Forecasters expect the United States media ad market to continue to rise towards 2017. Advertising spending should reach nearly $197 billion in 2017, an increase of $25 billion from 2013. This figure includes digital, newspaper, radio, television, outdoor, magazine and directory advertising. Television markets are the largest portion of advertising revenue of all media. Television accounts for more than 39 percent of all ad spending in North America.

In 2013, Advertising Age reported that the category with the largest amount of ad spending was personal care with more than $30.5 billion during 2012. Automotive was second with $26.6 billion, followed by food and beverages with $21.3 billion in advertising spending.

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