How Much Does a Church Cost to Rent?


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The cost of renting a church is dependent on three things: what it is being used for, whether the renter is a member of that church and the size of the building. The price can range from $0 to over $1000, according to weddingwire.com and weddingbee.com

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Generally, churches are rented out for weddings. According to contributors of weddingbee.com, people who are members of the church may be able to use the church for free, but most churches receive a donation. The general level of donation for the average church is about $500, and the donation for the officiating priest or minister is between $50 and $150. Other costs may include premarital counselling for about $200 and the cost of an organist for about $100. Set up and clean up is another cost, which usually ranges from about $50 to $100.

Most churches don't charge their members for funerals, but a donation is considered to be appropriate and ranges from $50 to $200, according to the personal finance website of Costhelper Inc. Nonmembers are likely to be charged roughly double these costs. If the function is not a wedding or a funeral, the price increases. People who want to rent out a church for an event other than a wedding or funeral are charged by the hour and the amount of space being used.

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