How Much Can You Save Through Real Estate Auctions?


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How much money a person can save by purchasing a house through a real estate auction depends on different factors including the knowledge a person has and how much time he can put into learning the process. Hard money financing also contributes to how much one can save.

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Learning the ins and outs of how a real estate auction works is one of the keys to saving money when making a purchase. It is recommended that a person go to a week's worth of auctions before actually placing a bid. If it is impossible to attend that often, a person can send someone else who can report the information back to them. Rushing into an auction without the knowledge, or without taking the time to learn, minimizes the chances of saving the most money from the sale.

How a person plans to finance the sale from a real estate auction also factors into how much money he can save. Traditional financing is not available for homes purchased through real estate auctions; therefore, one can save the most money by paying in cash. Sometimes a person might not have the lump sum of cash and instead secure it through a hard money lender. Interest rates are often high, minimizing the amount of money that can be saved by purchasing a house from a real estate auction.

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