How Much Can I Make in a Year at 18 Dollars Per Hour?

Working a standard, 40-hour workweek at $18 an hour, with two weeks of paid vacation, a person can earn $37,400 per year. To be more accurate, calculate annual pay using 261 working days per year, to arrive at $37,584.

At $18 per hour, daily pay is $144. For a 40-hour week, the pay is $720. Monthly pay is $3,132, based on 21.75 days per month, which results from 261 working days per year being divided by 12 months.

Survey researchers, reporters and correspondents, industrial production managers, correctional officers, jailers and drafters are examples of some occupations where employees earn about $18 per hour.

This pay scale does not include insurance premiums or other benefits that some employers pay, which can add substantial value to a person's living wage.