How Much Do Bulls Weigh?


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There are three grades of bulls, separated into 1,700-pound, 2,000-pound, and 2,300-pound categories. These bulls require different levels of upkeep in terms of feeding and pasturage depending on their individual conditions, and different bulls may have different ideal weights.

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Maturing bulls gain at a rate of roughly 300 pounds per year after passing the early spurts of their first 2.5 years, by the end of which they can weigh in at more than a ton. This prodigious rate of gaining is expected to slow as the bull ages and a target weight is achieved, though if a bull loses weight it is often best to find a way to help it put it back on.

Adult bulls need to eat less than 2 percent of their body weight on a daily basis in order to maintain their huge bulk. This intake should be in the form of fresh forage and hay kept in unspoiled condition so that the bull can always depend on a healthy supply of food.

Bulls past the 2,300-pound mark are often too large to be kept with ease. They can destroy enclosures both accidentally and by design, and they frequently disregard attempts at management and containment.

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