How Do You View MSN's Money Stock Ticker?


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Use MSM Money's stock ticker to view the activity of major stock indexes both in the United States and globally. It is possible to view currencies, market activity, gains or losses in stock value, or to retrieve a specific quote via the stock ticker's search box, states MSM Money.

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MSM Money offers an interactive stock screener that allows the user to filter for stocks according to market cap, dividend yield, profits and earnings, price, and analyst ratings, according to MSM Money.

In order to read the stock ticker, first find the letter symbol related to the particular stock that is of interest. Online resources facilitate locating the symbol for any company listed on the major stock exchanges, per Market Watch and Yahoo Finance.

The stock ticker line related to any particular stock shows a series of numbers and symbols, explains Investopedia. The ticker symbol, which is the unique characters that identify the company, is followed by a number indicating the volume of its shares being traded. The next number in the line shows the stock's price per share, followed by an arrow showing whether the stock's value is trending upward or downward based on the previous day's closing price. The last number in the line shows the change in price from the prior day's close. The name "stock ticker" reflects the fact that a "tick" is stock-trader jargon for any movement in the price of a security.

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