Moving 101: How Much to Tip Movers

moving-101-much-tip-movers Credit: Pixabay
The type of moving company that is hired for a job can either make the move smooth or inconvenient and full of troubles. Many people appreciate good movers by tipping them.

Good movers do more than just pick up items from one point to another. They make the move as convenient and as hassle-free as possible combined with excellent customer service.

When to Tip a Mover
It is advisable to tip the people who are doing the actual move and lifting objects from one point to another and not the moving company, notes The Spruce. Some people tip the people who actually helped them with the move despite getting poor customer service from the management of the moving company. When it comes to tipping, separate the workers from the company for which they work.

How Much to Tip
Movers are paid according to the time they take to move and the challenges they encounter during the move including carrying heavy height through several flights of stairs and moving awkward-shaped items. Total amount to tip should range between 5 and 10 percent of the total moving cost, says Street Easy. For the movers to get tips that are 10 percent of the total cost of the move, they should offer services beyond the expectation, such as unpacking or careful handling of precious, fragile items. Always give each worker his or her own tip by hand. The tip should be distributed equally among the workers. This helps to show that each mover is individually appreciated for his/her efforts.

Selecting Movers
Movers should be on time, respect clients’ items and be ready to account for missing or damaged items. They should replace lost broken items. Movers who do not meet client requirements do not deserve a tip.

Provide Refreshments and Food
Consider providing drinks and refreshments to movers, regardless of whether they deserve a tip or not, says CNBC. Provide food for moves extending beyond lunchtime. If the move is past lunchtime, have snacks available for the movers. Water should also be provided with recyclable cups for the movers to use.

Treat the Movers
Always remember to ask the movers about the type of food they prefer before buying them lunch or any other meal, notes the Guardian. A good number of movers would not mind having pizza or other fast foods for lunch or any other meal. Avoid offering alcohol to movers because that is not only against professional policies, but it may also prevent them from conducting their duties efficiently. Accidents caused by working while impaired may lead to costly litigation and fines.

Appreciating Movers
Some movers may deserve extra recognition or appreciation for their services. Although they may not demand the extra appreciation or recognition, tipping them extra is a terrific way of showing that their efforts are especially appreciated. There is no set rule on how much to tip such movers, says Angie’s List. The quality of the move should determine the amount to be tipped.

Many people find moving to be hectic and demanding. The people trying to help with a move often go through various challenges It is only polite to tip the people who help with a move.