How Do You Move an Old House to a New Location?


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The process of moving an old house to a new location involves separating the home from its foundation, raising it up, and creating a support system underneath, onto which the movers attach wheels. The movers then connect the wheels to a truck or internal motion system and guide the house to the new lot, where they place it onto the new foundation.

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Many homeowners choose to move homes off of properties intact to preserve historic residences or sell homes to new owners rather than demolishing and sending the materials to landfills. The procedure begins with removing the contents of the home to avoid damage and clear out the basement or area underneath it. The moving company then separates the home from its foundation, taking care to ensure that it does not damage the flooring or base of the home. After breaking the seal of the foundation, the movers insert multiple hydraulic jacks to raise the home a few feet above the ground.

With the home lifted up, the movers insert a series of wooden boxes, known as cribs, underneath it to create the new base. They also insert polls known as shims to increase its structural integrity and make a new solid foundation. Finally, the movers attach wheels to this base and either connect the home to a truck or the moving system to drive it to the new plot.

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