How Do You Move a Mobile Home?

To move a mobile home, find a mover, remove any attachments or decorations, disconnectthe utilities, pack up the interior and secure the exterior. Mobile home owners may find it useful to make a checklist while preparing their homes to move.

Although mobile homes are more portable than other kinds of housing, they can still be tricky to move. Mobile home owners can move their dwellings using the following steps.

  1. Hire a moving company.
  2. Moving a mobile home can be very hard work. Therefore, it is a good idea to hire a moving company to move the home. Make sure the movers are licensed and that all details of the move are discussed in advance. Mobile home owners may move their own homes if they can access large towing vehicles, trailers or flatbed trucks; however, most states require them to take out permits to transport the mobile home.

  3. Remove decorations and attachments
  4. Remove anything attached to the exterior of the home, such as planters, lights and awnings. Disconnect attachments such as porches.

  5. Disconnect the utilities.
  6. Turn off the gas, water, electricity, cable and phone. Disconnect any lines or pipes connected to the home.

  7. Pack up the interior.
  8. Furniture, valuables, and other items may get bumped and tossed around during the move. Therefore, it is important to pack up and remove items that can get damaged, broken or spilledand to secure anything left in the mobile home.

  9. Secure exterior parts.
  10. Wind can loosen exterior parts of a mobile home during transport. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the windows and doors are firmly shut and secure. Mobile home owners should also make sure that there is no loose siding or roofing before they move.