How Do You Motivate Employees?


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To motivate employees, make certain that they are adequately compensated financially. Recognize good performance, and provide clear and reasonable expectations. Foster open communication and provide opportunities for professional growth.

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  1. Pay employees fairly

    Money is a motivator, since practically everyone needs the money they are paid for working to support themselves and their families. Only when you are confident that you are providing sufficient pay and benefits to employees should you begin to focus on other forms of motivation.

  2. Recognize good performance

    Express your appreciation through private and public recognition, and be specific when recognizing workers for their good performances. Avoid the common mistake of assuming that your employees know the extent to which they are valued.

  3. Communicate expectations

    If clear performance expectations are not understood, frustration can result. Avoid this frustration by making sure that employees understand exactly what constitutes good performance.

  4. Promote open communication

    Allow employees to give meaningful input. When you make a decision, communicate your reasons for pursuing a certain course. Ask for and implement suggestions from employees, when possible.

  5. Develop a growth plan

    Work to understand where your employees want their career to take them. Use this understanding to develop a customized growth plan for each employee. Help your employees to achieve their goals, and have regular discussions with them about their career paths.

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