What Are the Monthly Fees to Use the Online Typing Pal Lessons?

Typing Pal offers an annual subscription of $22.73, as of September 2015. A monthly subscription is not available, and the annual subscription is intended for private ownership. Typing Pal offers a separate program for educational institutions.

Typing Pal is a Web-based typing course for all skill levels. The course is customized to the individual, offering step-by-step instruction, exercises and practice texts. The program's statistics function tracks the student's progress.

The company also offers Typing Pal 6, a Windows downloadable course, for $26.52 and Garfield's Typing Pal, a Windows-based typing course for children, for $22.73.

Individuals can purchase any of the programs at Typingpal.com. The website lists computer system requirements for each program.