What Is the MoneyPass ATM Locator?

What Is the MoneyPass ATM Locator?

The MoneyPass ATM Locator is a tool that allows customers to search for ATMs that can be used surcharge-free with a MoneyPass ATM card. It is accessible online or as an app on mobile devices.

Customers can search by address or ZIP code and can narrow the search by entering a bank or retail store name. They can also search for locations that are available 24/7, accept deposits or are handicapped accessible. After locating a MoneyPass ATM, customers can withdraw money by inserting their card, entering the PIN number and following the on-screen instructions.

As of March 2015, MoneyPass has over 24,000 ATMs located throughout the United States, but no international locations are available.

MoneyPass ATMs do not charge a fee for customers of financial institutions partnering with MoneyPass. Debit cards of partnering financial institutions may feature the MoneyPass logo. Although MoneyPass does not charge qualified customers a fee, the institution issuing the card may do so. For example, the H&R Block Emerald Pre-Paid MasterCard charges customers $2.50 for using the ATM.

If customers have a question about a fee charged by the ATM, PIN numbers, deposit and withdrawal rules or other card uses, they should contact their financial institution by calling the phone number listed on the back of the debit card.