What Is the MoneyPak Scam and How Can It Be Avoided?


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The MoneyPak scam involves fraudsters using untraceable Green Dot MoneyPak debit cards to collect payment for various scams from consumers. MoneyPak card holders can protect themselves from fraud by not disclosing their MoneyPak card number to unknown persons and being aware of and avoiding the most common MoneyPak scam situations.

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Fraudsters collect payments using MoneyPak reloadable debit cards because they are convenient, widespread, untraceable and ostensibly legal. Some fraudulent websites use the Green Dot or MoneyPak logo onsite as proof of their legitimacy. Consumers should avoid websites, businesses and services that specifically request payment by MoneyPak and do not accept credit cards or other forms of payment. Green Dot recommends transferring money from MoneyPak cards to other financial entities, such as PayPal, before paying online merchants. A list of safe financial partners that accept MoneyPak is available on the official MoneyPak website.

Fraudsters persuade MoneyPak card holders to send money through a variety of convincing but false scenarios. For instance, consumers receive a warning, supposedly from the FBI, that they have committed a crime and must immediately pay a fine via MoneyPak to avoid criminal charges. Another scam involves an announcement of the awarding of a large payment through a lottery, grant or loan for which the consumer must send fees or taxes through MoneyPak. Other scams involve payment for nonexistent goods, impostors claiming to be government officials or law enforcement personnel seeking help for traveling relatives, or potential partners met on dating sites asking for money.

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