How Do You Do a Money Transfer to the United States From Overseas?


Some ways to send money to the United States from overseas include MoneyGram's money transfer service and Western Union money services, according to the company websites. Some banks, such as Bank of America, offer international money wiring services if the sender can provide the account number and wire transfer routing number.

With approximately 350,000 agents around the world, MoneyGram offers seamless money transfer services globally, according to Customers can go to any MoneyGram agent abroad and send money to a person in the United States. The sender can choose to deliver the money to a MoneyGram location for pickup, or directly to the receiver's bank account in the United States. The process can also be completed online, and the sender can pay with credit card, debit card or directly with a bank account. As with sending money through an agent, the sender must provide the receiver's information.

Western Union provides a similar service, with 515,000 agent locations around the world, as stated on The sender can go to a Western Union office overseas and send funds to a Western Union agent location in the United States, to a mobile phone number in the United States, or to a bank account. Western Union also provides wire transfer options online through which the sender pays virtually and provides the banking information of the receiver. Bank of America's money wiring service requires the sender to provide an account number, wire transfer routing number, and the appropriate SWIFT code.