How Does the Money Network Payroll Card Service Work?

Money Network payroll card services work by employers issuing employees prepaid cards and depositing wages into the prepaid card account. Employees do not need to be pre-screened to receive a card, and they can access their balance and pay stubs at any time, according to

Money Network is a prepaid payroll card service that offers payroll card services to employers such as Walmart. The company issues payroll cards and checks through employers, and the cards tie directly to employee payroll accounts. Employers can deposit pay directly into employees' pre-paid accounts each payday, and employees can access the funds through their pre-paid cards or checks.

Money Network cards do not involve monthly or introductory fees. However, the company charges some fees for other services as of 2015. Customers should review their account terms and conditions for a complete overview of fees, as recommended by Money Network checks do not involve fees.

Any employee can access a Money Network payroll card. The company does not screen cardholders, so no background checks or credit reports are required.

Employees can easily access statements through the Money Network application, online banking and email or text message services. They can also check their pay stubs through these services. Employees can set up debit card bill payments or direct deposits through their cards or pay bills using their Money Network checks.