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To obtain money in a hurry, donate plasma, kid sit, recycle, hold a garage sale or sell gift cards, advises Geoff Williams for U.S. News & World Report. Other possibilities include selling your unwanted and homemade belongings, becoming a moving billboard, performing odd jobs, engaging in microtasks and maximizing your skills to earn money, reports Jeff Rose for Good Financial Cents.

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Plasma donation, which involves the collection of the liquid part of blood that carries red and white cells, generally takes an hour, explains Williams. Plasma is used for medicines, medical research and medical treatments. With over 500 for-profit plasma centers throughout the United States, there are many places a person can go to donate. Every donation is worth approximately $15 to $40, with heavier people making more money than their lighter counterparts.

For quick cash, you can sell your belongings to a pawn shop; exchange your gold jewelry and silverware for money at a gold dealer or jeweler; hawk wares at a flea market or swap meet; or resell unused gift cards at places such as CardPool, states Rose. While reselling items such as moving boxes on Craigslist does not bring retail value, the profit margin is notable while also being fast. There are many websites that offer small projects for minimal money, including FOAP, Cloud Factory, Gigwalk and PleaseBringMe. While each job pays very little, the accumulation of quick tasks can be profitable.

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