How Do You Get Money With Bad Credit?

You can get money with bad credit through peer-to-peer lending, credit unions, friends and family members, and collateral, according to Although bad credit makes borrowing options limited and more expensive, some lenders are still willing to lend you cash.

Peer-to-peer lending involves borrowing cash from individuals other than from banks, states Unlike banks, which involve overhead costs and following complex rules, individuals can be more sympathetic. You can also obtain cash from friends and family, especially when your credit is really bad. Additionally, your friends can act as cosigners if they have good credit, making them legally liable to pay off the loan.

Since credit unions are smaller than large banks, they can check your case personally, increasing the chances of securing a loan even with bad credit, notes Putting up collateral also works, as the lender is certain that it is working with a serious borrower, although this option involves great risks.

Search for legitimate lenders, such as credit unions, local banks and websites that refer borrowers to lenders, recommends If this is impossible, you can try payday loans, although does not recommend these loans. If loans are properly reported to the major credit reporting companies, they improve your credit with time.