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Some places to find money include the unclaimed property clearinghouse, state unclaimed property programs, unfiled tax returns and old insurance policies. Researching all of these sources can help you locate unclaimed sums of money.

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The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators offers services to help families and individuals locate missing property, assets and money. The NAUPA-affiliated site Missing Money can help users find lost funds simply by entering their last names and former states of residence. NAUPA also offers listings for individual states that are easier to browse. The organization offers links to specific states to help users find missing assets.

The IRS reports millions of dollars in unclaimed tax refunds waiting to be claimed by individuals who have not filed returns or never claimed their refunds. Returns can be filed for up to three years after their initial deadlines, and finance advice site Kiplinger reports that the average amount of a refund is nearly $700. Users can also check the status of missing tax returns at the IRS site Where?s My Refund?

Many insurance companies, such as MetLife and Prudential, have converted to publicly-traded companies, offering cash or stock options to policyholders. However, many of these repayments remained undisbursed. Contacting insurance companies is another way to find unclaimed money.

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