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Molly B is a women's fashion retailer in the California Bay area that sells creative designs from many of the top designers in the United States, Europe and Japan. Designers supported and sold by the boutique include Clemente, Comfy, Elenora, Krista Larson and Spirit House. The store is also famous on the West Coast for its elegant and artistic window designs that are created via a partnership with local artist Nina Taylor.

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As of 2015, Molly B has two storefront locations: one on Vine Street in the Gourmet Ghetto neighborhood of North Berkeley and one on Fourth Street in downtown Berkeley. The trendy Gourmet Ghetto neighborhood is also home to the restaurant Chez Panisse and the original Peet's Coffee location.

Molly B was founded by lingerie store co-owner Susan Trefethen in 1987 and has flourished in Berkeley for over 25 years. Trefethen's lingerie store was founded in 1978 and at its peak had four physical locations, two in Oakland and two in Berkeley. After the closure of those stores, Trefethen partnered with Nina Taylor to create a new clothing store with a visually appealing storefront and creative, high-end designs for fashionable women. Molly B was originally named after Trefethen's daughter, Molly.

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