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Some modern heroes include characters who survive on their wits and intellect, such as Batman, Indiana Jones and James Bond; other modern heroes, such as Harry Potter and Luke Skywalker, can command powerful forces and make use of magical solutions.

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There are two essential hero archetypes. One employs brute force to succeed, relying on physical or supernatural prowess; the other simply uses his wits to save the day, confident in his superior intellect. Fictional modern heroes reflect these categorizations.

Batman, for instance, is a superhero without superpowers; he relies on smarts, savvy and cunning to outwit his enemies. Similarly, in his heroics, Indiana Jones is definitely pushed to the limit physically, but typically it's his sharp mind which saves him from ultimate disaster. James Bond has an endless collection of cool gadgets and mechanical gizmos, but his ability to think one step ahead is his most frequent salvation.

Conversely, modern heroes such as Harry Potter are in command of potent magical powers, often relying on otherworldly wizardry for assistance. Just as Harry Potter fights with magic, Luke Skywalker fights using the power of the Force.

Furthermore, Luke Skywalker cements himself as a modern-day hero in his most iconic moment: when he taps into the sliver of goodness remaining in his father, now his nemesis, by simply refusing to fight. This type of inaction, unheard of for a classic hero, is a definitive characteristic of modern-day heroism.

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