What Are Some Mobile Trailer Parks in Ontario?

What Are Some Mobile Trailer Parks in Ontario?

Some mobile trailer parks in Ontario, Canada include Buckslide Tent & Trailer Park, Golden Pond RV Resort, and Silent Valley Cottage and RV Resort. Ontario contains numerous campsites and parks, many with facilities for mobile trailers such as showers, laundromats, and water filling stations.

Ontario, Canada has over 19,000 publicly funded car camping sites. Many of the larger sites accept recreational vehicles and mobile trailers. These sites are run by Parks Canada and the Ontario provincial government and are part of the national and provincial parks systems.

Ontario also has many private resorts for camping vehicles. Golden Pond RV Resort in Mossley is, as of 2015, owned and managed by Joe Bardoel. This resort accommodates both the passing traveler and people who wish to set up camp for months at a time.

Buckslide Tent & Trailer Park is in Algonquin Highlands. It is located on Kuskog Lake and is not far from several public parks, including Algonquin Provincial Park. This trailer park bills itself as pet friendly, and includes a children's play area and wireless Internet access. The park also features a laundromat, waste water dumping and comfort stations.

Silent Valley Cottage and RV Resort is in Ayton, Southern Ontario. It is set on 400 acres and features a mix of forested areas, lakes, and beaches. Open only during the summer and early fall, the park focuses on providing special activities for families, such as an annual early trick or treating event every August.