What Is a Mobile PDQ Machine?


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A mobile process data quickly machine, abbreviated as PDQ, is a payment terminal or device that provides an interface with debit and credit cards for making electronic payments or funds transfers, according to Verizon Wireless. The device features a SIM card that transmits card data over the Internet or a mobile network. A PDQ provides businesses with a quick, efficient and secure way to process payments.

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A PDQ streamlines processes and lets a business offer efficient services, says Verizon Wireless. The machine features a card slot with a chip and personal identification number card reader, and offers a cashless system for conducting trade that does away with the need for checks. It is ideal for a business that is on the go and serves a user’s needs in any area that has a mobile network.

Although a SIM card is a universal feature of a traditional PDQ machine, advanced models use an internet-enabled device and a mobile application, notes Worldpay. Merchants offer other payment options through newer integrated PDQ models that capture data on gift cards and fuel cards in an outlet or on the go. In the United States, a PDQ speeds up transactions as it uses the 4G network, notes Verizon Wireless.

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