How Do You Find a Mobile Home Lot?


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Locate a mobile home lot by first determining if you want to buy or rent a piece of land located outside of a mobile home park or in a mobile home community. From there, determine if the lot can sustain a mobile home.

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How Do You Find a Mobile Home Lot?
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If you are looking to place the mobile home on a piece of land outside of a mobile home park, make sure the land is zoned for mobile homes. Ensure that there are no restrictive covenants attached to the land.

If you are going to rent the land, look into whether additional fees for other services are imposed. These may include services for sewer, water and trash removal. Examine the lease agreement to make sure it contains no unusual regulations or rules that may prevent the enjoyment of your mobile home and the land on which it sits.

Inspect the land you're considering for placement of the mobile home to determine if the mobile home can be installed safely. The land should be sloped to make sure water can run off easily, and make sure that it's clear of debris and rocks that could prevent the home from being level as you place it on the ground.

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