How Does MLS Connect Work?

MLS Connect contains a database of for-sale real estate that Realtors use to find properties for buyers and to highlight the properties they have listed. Additionally, sellers list properties on MLS Connect and receive more visibility and buyer interest with the help of Realtors using the site. The site charges a fee to sellers; however, that fee often replaces broker commission and is significantly lower. MLS also assists in the closing process and pre-approves buyers for the seller.

If a seller lists his property independently in addition to listing it on MLS Connect, and he finds a buyer on his own, he pays no commission. If a buyer finds the seller through MLS Connect, that buyer can directly contact the seller without going through an agent or broker, because the seller's details appear on the MLS site.

MLS Connect has four packages available for sellers to purchase. The pricing is based on the level of the package (how comprehensive it is) and the length of time the seller purchases (in months). Prices range from $99 to $899, with extra perks available for additional fees. To start, a seller signs up for the service and pays the fee; he then logs in to his personal account and sets up his listing. Once he finalizes the listing, it appears to both buyers and agents viewing homes in that area.