How Is MLS Connect Used With Real-Estate Websites?


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MLS Connect provides real-estate websites with the most recent, accurate information for homes on the market. The goal of integrating MLS Connect into real-estate websites is to provide potential buyers with information they can trust.

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MLS Connect updates real-estate listings several times per day to ensure the most current market information for potential buyers or renters. Real-estate websites that integrate MLS Connect have an MLS-trusted badge posted on the home page, so that visitors are confident that they are receiving the best information about a property. MLS Connect also ensures that information about an agent or broker is at the potential buyer's fingertips.

MLS Connect works with real-estate companies to fuse a marketing and business platform that benefits the real-estate agents as well as the buyer or renter. MLS Connect is essentially a database that can pull reports on listed properties. MLS connect is also available on real estate websites in mobile form, which connects customers directly to the property of interest. MLS Connect services approximately 680 markets across the United States and is only featured on websites of real estate companies that have signed an opt-in agreement. MLS Connect improves the customer's real-estate search by providing a transparent experience.

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