What Are Mitsubishi Factory Radio Codes?

Mitsubishi factory radio codes are an important anti-theft feature that helps deter would-be thieves from stealing factory radios from Mitsubishi vehicles. Drivers must input this four-digit code in order to unlock the radio and allow it to function properly. The radio locks and requires the code after any loss of connection to the vehicle's power source.

Each Mitsubishi vehicle created during or after the 2002 model year comes with an anti-theft system that locks the radio as a theft deterrent. The owner's manual for these vehicles includes a card that lists the model and serial number of the radio as well as the four-digit code that unlocks it. After power is reconnected, simply enter the four digits using the radio preset buttons to unlock a radio that has had this feature triggered.

Drivers who have lost the code for their radios can get the four-digit code from the Mitsubishi Owners' website by entering the radio serial number, radio model number and vehicle identification number on a handy Internet-based form. The serial number and model number are also listed on the side of the radio, and the site provides information on how to remove the unit to find these numbers when needed.