What Mistakes Can Be Made If You Don't Use a Model's Instruction Manual?


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If people do not use the instruction manual that comes with the specific model of their product, they may make the mistake of skipping steps that are needed to install or set up the product properly. As a result, the product may not work the way it is supposed to, or it may not work at all.

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Another mistake people may make is to operate the product without reading the operation instructions in the manual first. Improper operation may cause the product to be damaged or broken. The instruction manual also specifies what not to do with the specific product in question. By not reading it, people may unknowingly use a product to do something it is not built to do, reducing its life span.

They may also mistakenly create a hazardous situation by using the product in a way that the instruction manual warns against. People may also make the mistake of failing to clean and maintain a product if they do not read the maintenance recommendations in the manual. As a result, the product may not operate as smoothly or efficiently as it is supposed to. People may miss out on utilizing the special features of a particular model, as well, by not reading the instruction manual.

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