What Is the Mission Statement of Procter and Gamble?

While Procter and Gamble does not publicize a mission statement, their statement of purpose promises high quality branded products for the present and into the future. Furthermore, the statement promises leadership in sales, profitability and value creation as a way to provide returns to shareholders, community members and employees.

While Procter and Gamble's statement of purpose serves almost directly as their mission statement, it belongs to a broader set of edicts which incorporate corporate values and principles. Together, the purpose, values and principles statements form the company's cultural foundation.

Five subcategories comprise the larger statement of values. These categories include integrity, leadership, ownership, passion for winning and trust. Procter and Gamble expands on each of these statements which explicate Procter and Gamble's responsibilities to consumers and associates as well as their shareholders.

Their principles span eight categories which include respect for all individuals, the inseparable quality of company interests from those of individuals, a strategic focus on their work, an emphasis on innovation as well as mastery and a drive to be the best. Similarly to their values, Procter and Gamble unpacks these principles and their impact on all related parties as well as how they guide Procter and Gamble's general operating practices.

Procter and Gamble also includes a sustainability section on their website, which is listed apart from the purpose, value and principles statements. The company frames this emphasis on environmental responsibility as more of an opportunity to better their business rather than a moral or cultural conviction.