What Is the Mission Statement of Pepsi?

Pepsi's mission statement states the company's intention of serving as a premier international brand and offering consumers convenient snacks and beverages. Pepsi strives for honesty and fairness in its interactions with consumers and investors, and looks to deliver value and quality. At its core, the company operates on the premise of securing and retaining customer loyalty, producing financial benefits for investors, and exploring all opportunities for growth within the company.

In addition to a mission statement, Pepsi has created a vision statement. This includes an intention to foster good community relationships and to proceed with business in an environmentally sustainable manner. This vision includes an initiative called Performance with Purpose. Performance with Purpose focuses on sustainable growth for people and communities around the world.

Pepsi's intention in its social initiatives include improving the health and well-being of citizens and consumers around the world and acting to continually improve the lives of people in the places where they do business.. This includes improving economic, social and environmental programs. Pepsi carries out its vision statement by creating programs that benefit the community, and through programs emphasizing environmental stewardship.

Pepsi operates with the intention of securing consumer loyalty and involving stakeholders in all processes of business operation, ensuring a financial commitment for the company. Pepsi exists as a standalone entity, and owns many name-brand products, such as Quaker, Tropicana and Gatorade.